Importance of colors in life and style

Importance of colors in life and style

Hello lovely people!
Hope you are doing great in your life. As you know color is a simple word but have quite a complexity in itself. Without color a film is mixture of black and white, which looks plain and boring.When it comes to long term black and white never appeal anyone. This situation is similar in every aspect and in even life. I mean who will love to talk to a person who always want everything to happen by pushing burden on others, critizicing them and living with reserved behaviour their whole life. All of us need some relaxation time either with family or with friends, but their should be a discipline and right kind of attitude towards everything. I do not suggest to hung up with people who actually act like a well wisher but in actual are the most toxic to be proven by facts and kicks of time.

Let me just short every thought of mine brain into simple sentence. Life is not to complex so don’t make it the complex one, since everyone have different kind of path which somehow connect with other people path for some period of time. So it is better to live life with joy, because at the end of your youngue age I don’t want you to regret the decisions and actions you took. Fill coolour of joy, spreading love, and honesty everywhere. This will not only make others happy but will also give you an important position in others life.
If you see some empty sad potraite just make sure to add atleast a little pea size of color of happiness into their life. One must never crush the hope of a person because , sometime the hope is the only thing which let people feel the warmth of color of love.

Make sure to detect the right kind of color you are connecting with some people seems to have a positive vibes but still deepdown they know how to fake it perfectly and will hollow you from within, until the day you will loose all your hopes and will act like a dead man ash, all black and whites which have no charm left within .
Today I created a look which actually is a inspiration by holi festival and I wanted it to be little bright and casual.

Since I choose some bold warm colors it is better to cool down the look by adding some simple sneakers and silver jewelry . A playful oversized, soo !Ranveer Singh style shirt from sarojini nagar is best to define the personality of a loving joyful person who actually brings wamth to life. Since summer is coming it is better to play it cool and funky with ripped shorts, and with it I paired simple boho coker because I wanted a desi touch in the outfit.

Again to cool down the look I choose these amazing sneakers bought from karol bagh Monday market.

If you are like me I always end up with putting to many things in bag so yeah I choose something again out of the box like this bold red bag from Layuva which tells us to carry ourselves strong and bold.

If you read this post then, I want you to shine like sunlight like it shines in summer time. Just burn away the blacks or whites and introduce colors to your one and only life.
It may be hard at first,but with consistent action you will always have that warm feeling in you,with no regrets to be left when you grow old waiting for your death to be granted.

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