Why being strong is only choice left at the end

Why being strong is only choice left at the end

Why being strong was the only choice left for me

Hello! Lovely people .
First of all I must clear you one thing, life will kick you anytime it want, this is why being strong is the only choice left at the end.
Why ? As you further read this article, you will understand the reason behind words spoken by me.
Today i am going to talk about a really sensitive topic which fully changed my life . I know many of you will related your story to my life experiences, since at some point in life, everyone go threw same kind of phase.
I created this look especially to dedicate strong will power.

We all observed a numb kind of feeling, a feeling which is always their which doesn’t hurt us physically nor do it make us something really active, but rather a feeling of numbness which take us deep down to web of unforgetfull memories which make us feel emotional and at the same time so depressed that at a point of time we think of ending our life, because we start to hate ourself. The reason behind this numbness can be endless like a unworthy decisions, disrespectful behavior by other person, laziness etc.
Believe me I am going threw same thing, a state of mind when you decide to end your life but some kind of hope want to pull you out of darkness, a hope of light, a hope of freeness, a hope which want to let you smile from bottom of your soul. For me that hope is spreading love. Because of some reason emotional or angry people tends to go on a hunt of love, which exhaust them threw out the journey called life. We all are crazy for the idea of love, it feels warm and can heal any kind of wound weather it is physical or non physical. It sounds funny but it is true. In 2009 I tried to commit suicide because of lack of love, appreciation, disrespect full words and behavior of people, and family pressure( the so called being girl tag funda). At that time all I wanted was to be free now you may be confused why I am telling this so publicly ?
Well many people ask me why I choose such a complicated name Alexx Bloom when I already have a sweet name Aakanksha, so finally I am going to tell you.

When I tried to commit suicide a hope pulled me out of the dark, I will never knew what it was, but first let me tell you it was not my family, nor my friends, not the fear of death but rather just a simple question is it worth it?
Is it worth to take own life because of some unworthy situations which actually break you down so badly that you barely have power to breath.
It took me 2 hour to understand and gather up the power to stand on my own feet, I cried whole night because I was hating myself all the time in my life because of some people. This is when I decided to set a Identity of me which can never be changed by any situation which will happen in my life. Alexx means savior of world a powerful soul but yet I didnt want it to be to greedy so Bloom is something which is kind and delicate. This name defines my real personality and the dream of my life. After so long I practiced to learn loving myself and improved myself so much that now people don’t even recognize that I am Aakanksha, mejority know me as Alexx.

The main purpose to share this story is not to gain people attraction but rather asking people to do a favor to yourself don’t be harsh on yourself because of different situations which are not in your control. After so long now I am recalling that incident again because once again I was in same situation so, you also have to note this, that always remind yourself, how you came this far ? what was the reason ? and remind yourself that you are really important for yourself, because life will always test you again and again and again but it is important to hold these two points in your mind to keep going , and enjoy the journey called life.

I created this powerful yet so delicate look, just to match my real personality. Shein jacket adds a great masculine powerful touch to the outfit, whereas the patch work denim tells the story of flexibility of different characters, this black bralet from sarojini nagar adds a feminine touch to the outfit and amazing hoop earrings by clubfactory add a nice delicate texture to the look. But wait??? Aren’t their something missing ???

Yup it’s the watch. Daniel Wellington Watch adds a remainder that, time goes and click in round circles so you have to remind yourself how greatfull you are that you are still alive. To sum up the look I choose leather boots by popreal to add hold to the outfit like you should hold your true self threw out your whole life.

So this was my story and the outfit which I created .
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