Fashionme and stylish you

Fashionme and stylish you

Hello lovely people !

We know that clothing plays a really important role when it comes to presenting yourself,no matter if it is your first date,family meetup, office or day to day life. This is why online shopping site like Fashiome is great for shopping of new trends .

Today I thought why not to show you a little shopping list of my which I am going to buy which is according to recent fashion.


1) Sexy Skater Dresses

I love how it feels on body and at the same time look so stylish. You can pair it with dainty neck peace , hat or shrugs or any other accessory.


Spaghetti Strap Backless Plain Sleeveless Skater Dresses


I just love how this flows and give that delicate look to your body, just add dainty neck peaces a boho bag with and wear flats to rock this dress.


Off-The-Shoulder Vacation Button Dress or Spaghetti Strap Decorative Buttons Plain Sleeveless Casual Dresses


















Nowadays, buttons on skirt or dresses is in fashion so rock these with fanny bag and baker boy cap also it can go with any footwear but avoid bling one.


Off Shoulder Half Sleeve Skater Dress


Add some shine to your life with velvet dresses. You cannot imagine how classy they look if styled properly,try to sum it up with minimums as possible since we want the dress to be the main attention.



2) Cheap Blazers For Women

Blazers can make you look classy from just Ordinary girl wearing some cloths to OMG who is she . Just add a blazer on top of any attire and you are ready to rock the walk.


Lapel Zips Plain Blazers



Well one can never go wrong with black blazer, whether pair it with office look or just a outing with friends it makes you look professional and more expressive.


Collarless Plain Blazers


If you are looking to plain and want some spice in outfit then add this amazing soft fur blazers to give you that diva look.

Fold-Over Collar Plain Blazers

One can never go wrong with long blazers as it add length to your body  and with heels it rock the walk.

So, these were my picks from Fashionme . Make sure to check their website,as they have really great quality options to choose from.

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love ya!


Alexx Bloom

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