Eyova Hair Nutrient With Egg Oil Review

Eyova Hair Nutrient With Egg Oil Review

Hi lovely people !
Ever heard of egg oil ?
This creative idea is developed by a company named Eyova,which sells egg oil and claims it will solve every single problem related to hair, and you know curiosity is always a cause of human starting exploration of unknown world or things.
Recently I got my hands on this product so after using it for some time now I can share my observation with world.

Review of Eyova egg oil

Eyova hair nutrient

Eyova is an egg oil hair nutrient and the oil in this product is extracted from the yolk of the chiken egg or we can say cold pressed. Also the fragrance used in the oil is the misture of different essential oils.

Price : Rs 585/- for 50ml on Amazon

What they claim

Excellent for hair growth,repairs split ends,treating hair fall,dandruff and treating hair graying and is for both men and women.

My experience with Eyova egg oil


Oil comes in a little bottle which if of plastic, not much apealing but yeh is durable. Cap is of great quality only adequate amount of product comes out.

Oil description

It is thick in consistency you may prefer mixing it with coconut or oilve oil just to get a nice consistency not to runny nor to thick. Oil is orange yellowish in colour and the fragrance is not to appealing but smells like haldi.
My experience and some useful tips
It is a great oil and does what it claims only if you make a proper fixed routine to apply it,like for me I always am busy so this is why I make sure to apply it after ever three day before going to bed and just tie my hair into loose bun so that oil won’t get on my pilow on cloths. As every hair texture and scalp is different,as same as the fact,that measure hair fall and damged hair issues take more time to heal as compared to initial stage issues realted to hair.
In other words I am telling you to have patience until you get the desired result.
My hair was really damaged and was falling abnormally but by using this oil and several other natural hair treatment methods,now my hair are healthy to look at. This doesn’t mean that I will stop taking care of my hair,this just mean that from now on I will take care of my hair as I am taking care of it since measure hair problem in past.
Always make sure to take proper diet, and by diet I mean taking proper kind of nutritious food in proper amount. It is all about balance,by taking balanced diet you are not only assuring your inner health but outer beauty to. Main thing to know is that health of you hair tells so many things about health of your body from within.
Therefore I say, outer beauty comes from taking care of body from within.

Amazon : https://amzn.to/2NwR6Yr

Eyova Online


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  1. I know you’ve mentioned that the fragrance is a mix of essential oils but my mind is fixated on the egg fragrance for some reason. If I can look past this I am definitely going to give this oil a try – it sounds good for the hair.

  2. Egg oil!! Never used it …Not sure that can I give a try but looking upon review it gives feeling that must be great

  3. Hearing a lot of good reviews about this product. It seems like a promising hair oil. Will check with the brand

  4. I have used this oil and I really love how smooth and shiney it places my hair. It definitely contains nice nutrition for hair.

  5. I love the facts explained by you about the product and along with that you have also shared how much a proper diet is important. This post is surely helpful .

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