What is good health #Sharing my experience

What is good health #Sharing my experience

Hello online family!

Well I don’t know about your life but for me,I must say I myself was struggling from past few months in department of health.

Yup my health !

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You know na, how it feels when you have lot’s of stuff to do,but you still think that you do not have enough time to complete it. Well I was one of them, which led a measure health decline, and at last I felt like this is the end. But then I decided to concentrate on my health while balancing work and relationships.

The good news is, now I am getting better day by day or else I should say even better than before.

Wanna know how am I doing it ?
My secret to healthy life is eating raw food, yup people I am telling you to eat raw stuff . Don’t worry if you do not wanna eat raw you can cook it a little bit as per your preferrence.

Well why I tell you to eat raw ?
I know eating raw stuff sounds weird, ofcourse to those who love spicy yummy street food, well I must admit I was one of them, and still I am. But,it is not that you eat street food or something spicy, the problem is how much you eat ?
Do you agree with me, hell ya I know you agree, because inside you, you know this fact is so true.
I mean who do not love those flavoured punches in street food which, whenever you eat your toungue feels every flavour and your feel like heaven.

Then why should we eat healthy raw stuff ?
The answer is your health ! , because this is the only thing which will help you carry yourself in the journey called life.
How true it is that we are so busy in daily life and flavours, that we neglect the best and most important thing of our life or I say the core of our life. We always say we love ourself and fight for our rights with others, but we never ever think about our health.



Because in order to be healthy, we have to fight with no one but the person we see in the mirror, yup it is you,yourself. Main problem is our desire to eat something tasty is higher than our desire to eat healthy food and be fit.
Funny thing is, we work our ass of until doctor gave us advice to take care of our health or else our life will be in danger. Now panic mode starts and we start to take care of ourself and spend loads of money.
I must admit,I was the same until I reached the end stage,where I was so frustrated that being in depression state was my daily thing, I felt constant pain in my body, I was loosing weight in really unexpected manner. This was real,and this was happening to me, in real life!.
One day I made a decision no more ignoring the fact that I am not investing some amount of time in my health department, and I said to myself ‘ Alexx Bloom if you think you are the greatest treasure to you and a person who will contribute great things in this world, first you must change yourself and prove yourself,that you worth to live.
This is why I started making health plans,and shedule of life. Now must say! my health is improving day by day to a point where I am happy inside out and do not feel like need of materialistic things for happiness.
Main thing is diet, if your diet is good then your health will automatically start getting better day by day. Now diet is one wheel of the vehicle called health, other wheels are exercise, spirituality for relaxation with good relationships and lastly work.
I changed a little bit of my diet plan in which I included some great products by The Raw Factory , as they have wide variety of raw stuff which you can either consume fresh like this or just try some great healthy recipes.


Currently I am consuming :

• Chocolate penut butter because I love chocolate and you must try it with roti and some banana slices in it, wow this little recipe is by me I love it so much!.


Blueberry and Cranberry as toffee, well everybody need a time pass toffee.


Brazil nuts as part time snack when you want something to eat but do not find anything healthy so just eat this to get full.



Pitted prunes in evening breakfast with milk .



Quinoa sometime in breakfast



So, yeh this is me concentrating on my health and becoming better person in every feild.




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until next time Love ya all !


Alexx Bloom

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  1. Now that is a really great option of healthy snacking. Even its tasty too. I am definitely going to explore more.

  2. I have always been conscious about my health and always wanted to indulge in healthy eating! These look really healthy and beneficial… Will try

  3. Eating raw has umpteen benefits.. so much so it’s known to reverse cancer according to what I have read.. The raw factory sounds like a great brand I will check their products out for sure

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