Add A Different Touch To Your Favorite Wedding Outfit!

Add A Different Touch To Your Favorite Wedding Outfit!

Whenever we think about some wedding , sagai or desi party, our mind always tends to choose only one type of traditional outfit that is saree. Isn’t this right?!

Today I created a look which is great for every desi occasion even in some puja. Main idea behind this look is to mix some edgy things with traditional ones. No one wants to wear saree in only one style right?! For me I do not want this for sure.
Since I always choose to add little bit of my style to every attire,this look is little bit similar when it comes to drape, but the accessories and hairstyle makes it looks way to different from what you have scene until now.

I picked a cotton sari from unnati silks, which have really gorgeous prints on it with black and blood red border,and is in light skin colour. We usually wear sari with petticoat right! So here is the twist, I skipped the petticoat part,and instead added a really stunning pant bought from sarojini nagar, with boots from clubfactory app. Now it is turn of accessories. We usually try to wear edgy chokers or different type of earrings bangles,tagdi stuff like that,but wait! a minute, that will look similar to others …. Nah nah I don’t want this to happen! this is why,instead of plane blouse I thought why not to try my old top bought from janpath market which have heavy beads work on neck.

Well for hands they were looking plain hmmm….. This is when I got an idea, we can’t access our phone each and every time to look at the time, so instead of bangles I wore a rose gold watch by Daniel wellington, and I must say I am stunned by looks of it,will buy more variants for sure.

The most important point to remember is the waist, some of us like it normal,no accessories on waist! some of us want something to showoff, that deadly curve that we have. For me studded belt was the star of this looks, the moment I paired it with this look,I was amazed how it summed up every part of the look,into a full out to go fashionista bombshell outfit . Studded belt adds up a nice shape to the body and don”t worry.. if you do not have that curve, you can always show of your cute simple waist by just plating sari palla with small size plates and place it in front, exact in the middle belly button portion, and just add a catchy belt and you are good to go.

I bet you this look was making me go crazy,since it is created with what I have, so I do not have go to some shop to buy anything , you can try out anything! just make sure the colour and whole idea of the look should be first in your mind,and work according to it and find what is best according to that idea which you want to achieve.

For makeup I wanted it simple so just applied bronze and orangish eye shadow, as always I love red lipstick,this is why I wore local brand red lipstick with lakme 9 to 5 bronze shade underneath,well it is just to give my lips some fullness. now main thing is hairstyle, why? because it can make or break the look, this is why I wanted something simple like a messy low bun which goes perfect with this look. Lazy hairstyle you know … I love it !

At last I went for shoot, and my poses are like simple girl who look effortlessly gorgeous, but at the same time have that powerful eyes which talks.










Do comment your thoughts about this looks and share you inspired look on social media handle by tagging me, I would love to see them . Will see you next time!

Stay confident stay gorgeous !



PC : Anil Yadav Photography

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  1. I can see many girls are doing experiement with wedding outfits these days. Offcourse I do love to experiment. But your ideas are truly excellent .

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