Best Way To Diffuse Problems And Relax !

Best Way To Diffuse Problems And Relax !

Yesturday, I came across a story of a really gorgeous blogger, won’t disclose her name Since, I respect her work and personal space but main thing that hits me hard like a rock, is state of her mind which led her to take decision to end her life and suicide.

We always think of ending our life at a point where we think we failed miserably.

But question is…

Is ending our life mere a solution ?

No, right. I also have lots of failure in life , went threw depression and so many things, and still healing. No matter in what field you work in or what your age might be. Main thing is,learn to relax and let it go.

For me whenever I feel really tired, or just so depressed I talk to some person, it can be anyone. Just think who are the top 5 people in your life whom you think are closest to you. You can also talk to your pet, they have to much patience. Next thing I do is just go for a walk , exercise , or sit in a garden for sometime,watching people. Last but not least, use different essential oils to relax your mind. This is really important step to know,that scent plays a major role when it comes to mood buildup and feel free.

The best way to do this is to use diffuser. Nowadays their are wide variety of diffusers in the market. For me I love this Japanese Kind of look a like diffuser which looks so cool everywhere you place it. Is light weight and easy to use. This diffuser is by Aurora incense you can buy it from here.

For those who don’t know what diffuser is.

Diffuser is a machine which use diffusion process and diffusion is the process of dispersing essential oils in vapour form, so that their aroma fills a room or an area with natural fragrance.

How to use diffuser ?

Just open diffuser by holding the top and bottom,and moving it clock wise. Pour some water in it and add one spoon essential oil in it. Let the cotton soak in the water and attach the cable to diffuser. Make sure to close diffuser by moving anti clockwise,when you hear click sound, it means diffuser is closed. Last step is to turn it on and most important thing just relax!!.

Life is to short to worry, If you want to enjoy your journey called life, then learn to relax!! By Alexx Bloom

Make sure to check aurora incense instagram id and ofcourse their website, their you will find great products at reasonable price.

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  1. wow this diffuser looks so cool… i loved the style and colour… where are these actually avaiable…??

  2. Thanks for spreading positivity .. Ending life is definitely not a solution to any problem instead of going in wrong way one must think to come out from the problems .. This diffuser looks great to relieve stress, I would love to try this.

  3. I love the way you started off this post 🙂 Depression is serious issues these days and many of us in person suffer this situation, it is our lookout to comer out of this state and see things in a positive manner. P.s. May her Soul RIP (I know the person through the insta stories)
    This diffuser looks promising and yes it soothes every individual to calm their busy minds.

  4. Our lives are so packed with tension and stress, such diffuser are very essential. Thanks for writing such a detailed article.

  5. Our lives are packed with stress and a diffuser is the easiest way to relax. Thanks for sharing a detailed post on diffuser.

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