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Main purpose of skincare is to make us feel confident in ourself without using any makeup.
Recently I got a chance to visit clinic eximus, which is skincare, dental, hair treatment and plastic surgery clinic. Situated in 88, Jagriti Enclave, Delhi, India 110092.
The main face of clinic eximus is Dr. Prerna Taneja. Who is specialist in her feild as I can clearly see the certified which were lying on the wall of clinic eximus near the reception. The way she handle, any emergency case is what shows her well defined skills.

Let us now talk about the place. Once you enter into clinic, the first feeling which you will get is relaxation and humble environment. As each staff member gives you a nice humble attention.

The infrastructure of clinic is well maintained. The best things about the place was use of wood for furniture, calming sounds coming threw the speakers, kids dental room and much more. They took care of every single possibility that anyone can think of when it comes to nice relaxing time aith great treatments.

When it comes to the treatment, I opted for the Skin Brightening treatment, as per suggestion of Dr. Prerna while she was giving personal consultation to me. It was great experiment out thier with her doing my treatment, talking to me. In middle of treatment I found out about my skin type. During treatment I observe some redness on my forehead and nose. Since, Dr. Prerna was handling my treatment, I didn’t find anything to worry about. By Dr. Prerna Taneja experience, she handled this situation reall well and my skin was back to normal.I must say this treatment was awesome!, I can clearly see the instant effect on my skin after having treatment.
Right now I am using producy from clinic eximus which are aleovera gel, cleanser and toner . My favorite is aleovera gel which have 10% of concentration aleo in it, which is far more and better than the aleo gel we find in local stores. These products which I am using is creation of Dr. Prerna Taneja .
Last thing I want to say is, I am looking forward to take more skin treatments like this, because it is good to invest in healthy treatment like this, rather than going for normal market products. But combo of both can do wonders that no one can imagine of.
You must try clinic eximus for sure !
Thank you for taking out some time of your life to read my views and story.
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